Brewstock's Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Home Brewers!

It's definitely possible your loved ones are die hard in to homebrewing. This holiday season, get'em something they'll love. We've compiled a list of great gift ideas for the homebrewer on a budget and for the homebrewer who has it all. Happy holidays and happy homebrewing!

The list-

1. Gift Certificate - Every year, this gift is a savior. Let them pick out what they want. Good in store for anything, and you can get any amount you'd like! $1-$500

2. Grain Mill - In the long run a grain mill becomes a big money saver for the all-grain brewer, as they can buy their grain in bulk, and mill it as they need it. Check out our Crankandstein mill, for one of the best all around deals. $130

3. Large Kettle - Is your brewer taking up your kitchen and making a mess of things? Maybe they should upgrade to a larger kettle, like our 9 Gallon Kettle, and move their brewing outside to a propane burner! $30 - $400

4. Blichmann Beer Gun - Kegging, but need a few bottles to take over to a buddy's place for the game? You need one of these. Purges bottle with CO2, then fills it with carbonated beer. $70

5. Sparge Arm - A handy tool for raising efficiency when all-grain brewing. A great addition to a cooler or kettle mash tun. Gently rinses your grain bed during sparging, no wasted water and sugar in mash tun. $17

6. Mash Tun - Your first step in to serious brewing starts with a mash tun. Get in gear, save money on ingredients, and start brewing all-grain! Our 5 Gallon Mash Tun is a great starting point, and is ready to go with full false bottom! $75 - $500

7. Two Liter Glass Growler - For the brewer that kegs but wants to bring some over to a friend's for the football game or get together? Share your beer- just grab a growler, take a pull, and you're on your way. $13

8. Cheesemaking Kit - The beer brewer who has everything? Why not try your hands at the perfect partner to your homebrew- cheese. Hard or soft, all you'll need is some milk from the store! $28

9. American Homebrewer's Association Membership -At only $35, this gift makes a lot of sense for the experienced or beginning homebrewer. 6 issues of Zymurgy magazine, discounts to local pubs, and discounted or free attendance to events and rallys! $35

10. Complete Kegging System - This was one of our top selling gifts last year, and a definite point scorer for any spouse or loved one of a brewer! Our kegging system comes with everything the brewer in your life needs, except a fridge. Get rid of those bottles, and be drinking beer faster with kegging! $180


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