Brewstock Homebrew Supplies
New Orleans, LA

We are the only homebrew supply shop in New Orleans! Looking to brew beer, wine, cider, mead, and spirits? Brewstock carries ingredients and equipment for both beginners and advanced brewers.

Bring your recipe in and we will be happy to help you put it together, or just use one of ours. What we really do best is tailoring recipes to suit your taste. We also have all of the equipment you need to get started. We have kettles, fermentors, bottles, tubing and more.

Whether you’re an old hand at brewing or just getting started, we would love to answer your questions. We can help with anything. We cover everything from basic brewing step-by-step instructions to all-grain brewing techniques.

Want to start kegging your beer? No problem, we have you covered. We have new and used kegs, connectors, regulators and more.

Making wine, cider, or mead? From blackberries and strawberries to Japanese plums and local honey, living in south Louisiana means that there is always something in season that you can ferment. If varietal grape wines are more your thing, we carry a number of specifically sourced wine kits as well.

As always, we are excited to help with your next fermentation project!

3800 Dryades St
New Orleans, LA 70115

Weekdays: 10AM – 6PM
Saturdays: 10AM – 4PM
Sundays: 10AM – 2PM


Brewstock was opened by Aaron Hyde back in January, 2009. Aaron sold the business to his employee of two years, Kyle DuPont, in 2013. Kyle ran the business for 6 years, before selling the business to his employee, Oliver Kodner. Under the new ownership, we strive to bring you the same customer service you knew with Aaron and Kyle, and keep you stocked with the best ingredients.

The building Brewstock currently resides in at 3800 Dryades St was built in 1915. The building has housed a number of different businesses, including a dentistry, a confectionary, and possibly a carpentry shop.

At some point in the building’s history, drab linoleum tile was placed throughout the floor. It covered and took the place of 19th century imported Belgian ceramic tile. Minor efforts have been made to show off the tile in Brewstock’s entry way. Check it out.