NOVEMBER 8, 2021:

Thanks to all of awesome gracious judges representing many local breweries around New Orleans.
Thanks to Dan Stein for the awesome judging snack donation.
And thank you to EVERYONE who entered and participated!

We are proud to say that we had 21 beers score 40+, and 14 more scored 37+. Awesome showing of beers this year!

See the winners below!

October 15th, 2021: REGISTRATION IS FILLED! Thank you to everyone who entered. Drop off is now open. Please bring or ship bottles to Brewstock BEFORE November 1st!

Announced in July 2021:
The Louisiana SPCA and Brewstock are proud to bring you the NOLA on Tap Homebrew Competition for 2021. Despite not having our favorite festival of the year, we are keeping NOLA on Tap alive this year with a remote competition, hosted through Brewstock Homebrew Supplies. Get pumped, get excited, start planning your beers.

Due to popular demand, we are doing pre-registration before collection. Registration will open for beers on September 1st and run through October 15th. We will be accepting 80 total entries, and limiting it to 2 entries per person, all beer styles welcome. You can register by visiting Brewstock Homebrew Supplies, or give us a call at 504-208-2788, or email Each entry will cost $8.00.

All entry fees and proceeds will be donated directly to the animals at the Louisiana SCPA. Please consider also making a donation directly to the Louisiana SPCA. CLICK HERE TO DONATE !

Collection will occur any time during Brewstock’s business hours between October 16th and November 1st. Please supply no less than THREE (3) 12 oz amber/brown blank beer bottles. Your bottles must have a solid single colored cap, and must not have any label or identifying mark. You can drop off your beers at Brewstock or ship them to 1300 S Broad Ave. We’ll collect your beer, label it for you, and it will get judged on the afternoon of November 7th.

Official BJCP competition, BJCP score sheets, all BJCP styles welcome. All beers will get judged and receive a score out of 50. Any beer that scores a 40 or higher will advance into the Finals / Best In Show Round. During the Finals, all judges will collectively review each finalist, validate first round scores, and choose the best three of the bunch. We are planning to announce the day of(!) the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.


  1. First Place receives $100 Gift Card to Brewstock, the 1st place NOLA On Tap flag, and a 1st Place Beer Stein
  2. Second Place receives a 1-year AHA Membership (good for 5% off all purchases at Brewstock), 2nd Place NOLA On Tap Flag, and a 2nd Place Beer Stein
  3. Third Place receives – $25 Gift Card to Brewstock, 3rd Place flag, and 3rd place Beer Stein
  • Registration: September 1 – October 15
    • Register through Brewstock Homebrew Supplies… One of three ways: 1) in person 2) by phone 504-208-2788, or 3) email
  • 80 total entries accepted … Limit 2 entries per person
    • $8 per entry… All entry fees and proceeds will be donated to the LA/SPCA
    • Any homebrewed beer will be accepted
  • Collection at Brewstock: October 16 – 31, (drop off and mail ins accepted)
    • Drop off and/or mail in your beers to 1300 S Broad Ave NOLA 70125…
    • Please supply 3 x 12 oz bottles, all entries must be in blank 12 oz bottles with no identifying marks on the bottle or cap
  • Judging Day, Sunday November 7th
  • BJCP Style Competition, meaning BJCP score sheets will be used
  • All beers that score 40 out of 50 (or higher) will enter the Final Round / Best in Show Round
    • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be chosen in the Finals/Best in Show Round
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place win cool prizes!!