Belgian Beer Corks, bag of 25


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Cork your homebrewed Belgian beers with these corks made specifically for use with Belgian beer bottles. These corks are brewery-grade (meaning these are the same quality corks that commercial breweries use). **A hand corker will not work with these corks. Put a #7 stopper over the plunger rod of the corker so that only 1 3/4″ of the rod is exposed. This will stop the cork from going into the bottle too far. A wire hood can then be fastened over the remaining 6/8″ – 7/8″ of cork sticking out of the bottle. We have tried this and it works great! Attention: These corks come sanitary in the bag ready to be corked into a bottle. Do not sanitize or boil these corks. If done so, you will ruin the integrity of the cork. 1 5/8″ L x 1″ D