Crisp Crystal Light 45L


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Malt Type: Crystal/Caramel Grain Origin: United Kingdom Wort Color: 40-50 °Lovibond (105-132 EBC) Protein: Moisture: 5.5% max. Extract (dry): 72% min. Diastatic Power: 0°Lintner Usage: 25% max. Crisp Crystal Light 45L is a light crystal malt. It imparts a moderate, light-caramel color and flavor with balanced sweetness. Crystal malts also add body and improve head retention. Suitable for use wherever its characteristic affect is desired. Crystal malts are gently cooked during the malting process. Cooking initiates the enzymatic conversion of starches into fermentable sugars, and caramelizes some of the sugars as the malt reaches its final color. This eliminates the need to mash crystal malt, and ensures that some of the sugars will survive fermentation to sweeten the beer.