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Propper Starter concentrated wort makes it easy to give your yeast the proper start when preparing high gravity brews, cold-pitched lagers, yeast packs nearing expiration and whenever a starter is recommended. No more measuring messy DME. No more waiting to boil and cool. Just mix one can with an equal amount of purified water in a sanitized flask to produce one liter of ready starter wort. For increasing biomass and vitality in your yeast, Prop It Up™ with a can of Propper Starter! Instructions: Sanitize flask, stir bar, top of can and yeast pack Swirl and open can, then pour contents into flask Add 16 oz of bottled or distilled water to flask Pitch yeast and swirl flask to mix Add stir bar to flask, cover with foil, and mix on stir plate Recommended Use: One can of Propper Starter™ makes a one liter starter. For high gravity beers (1.060 OG or higher) For cold pitching lagers For yeast packs that recommend a starter For yeast packs nearing expiration