Brewstock is excited to announce a homebrew competition! We’re bummed out that we’re missing our regular summer beer competitions, so we decided the void needed to be filled. This competition will be remote collection style. That means you drop off or mail in your beer, we’ll hang on to it, and it will be judged on September 6th.
We want to make this competition as inclusive as possible, so, there will be no entry fees*, AND, if you don’t have a great way to get your beer in bottles, we will be accepting kegs, growlers, cans, tupperware?, any sealed container, just get it to us between August 15th and September 5th.

We reached out to some friends, some of the industry’s finest to judge the competition.
Karl Hartdegan, VP of Operations at NOLA Brewery. 
Charles Hall, head brewer at Brieux Carré. 
Eric Jensen, owner and brewer at Parleaux Beer Lab. 
Mitch Grittman, head brewer at Zony Mash.
Judging will be based on BJCP score sheets. Each beer will receive a standard score out of 50. Three top scores will be chosen based on best score, and one Best in Show will be chosen. 

Winners will receive Brewstock Gift Cards, AND, winners will also receive brewery prize packs from these four breweries.

  • 1st place: Your choice of Brewery package and a $100 Brewstock Gift Card
  • 2nd place: Your choice of remaining brewery package a $25 Brewstock Gift Card
  • 3rd place: Your choice of remaining brewery package and a $25 Brewstock Gift Card
  • Best in Show: Remaining brewery package and a $25 Brewstock Gift Card 

Wanna show off even more? Take a video of yourself brewing, drinking, reviewing, talking up… everything and anything about your beer, and send it to us. We’ll feature you in a “virtual homebrew festival.”

The nitty gritty:

  • No entry fee
  • Any homebrewed beer will be accepted.
  • All beer styles welcome, including defining your own style of beer. 
    • Note: Choose your style carefully. Defining your own style of beer may result in skewed scores if the judges don’t know what it is.  
  • Judging will be based on BJCP Scoring.
    • All beers will receive a standard BJCP score out of 50
    • Categorically low scores that are still good beers also have a chance at advancing to Best in Show.
  • Please supply no less than 36 oz of beer.
  • Drop offs and mail-ins will be accepted any time during Brewstock’s business hours between August 15th and September 5th.
  • We will accept any type of packaging.
    • Note: Choose your packaging wisely. Providing your beer in suspect containers could result in off flavors the longer it sits around at Brewstock
  • Registration: Fill out the information section of the form (electronic or paper) found below, and drop it off with your beer at Brewstock between August 15th and September 5th. Forms will also be available at Brewstock to fill out in person. Submitting your recipe is optional, but encouraged.

*Added as of July 20…
For those with multiple entries, your first three entries will be free, it will be $8 per beer after those three.